Cookie Policy

PPA uses cookies in a range of ways to assist us in improving our web site design and function. A cookie is a small text file, often containing a unique identifier, stored by your web browser when you visit a website. PPA uses cookies that are essential for navigating and enabling certain functioning of PPA websites/online sites. Cookies assist PPA in authenticating you and your device for security purposes and to personalize your web experience. If you choose to disable these cookies, specific features of the PPA websites/online sites, such as accessing your account, uploading documents or making a transaction, may not be available. PPA does not warrant that transmission of data will be completely secured, and any and all submissions are at the visitor's risk. Please be advised that the practices described in this Privacy Policy do not apply to information gathered through other third party websites linked with PPA websites/online sites. Any information that you share in public areas such as a message boards or feedback sections becomes public and does not apply to this Privacy Policy.

What are your options with cookies?

You have available options on how you manage your cookies. Through your browser settings, you can accept, refuse or delete cookies. However, if you choose to delete or refuse to accept cookies, some or all of the functions on our PPA websites/online sites may not be available to you or the site may not work as intended.